Welcome to Nerdtown, Scarlett

ew-scarjo-black_widowScarlett Johansson is definitely Maxim-crowd drool-fodder, but her tight leather, red-haired role in the upcoming Iron Man 2 as Marvel Comics’ super-spy Black Widow (aka Natasha Romanov) is destined to propel her to an even greater height of unspeakable and deviant fawning: full-blown Nerd Lust.

Poor Scarlett should have stuck with the modeling/singing gigs.

Still, thanks be to Entertainment Weekly for busting out the first image of Scarlett “Ryan Reynolds is MY man, ANDY” Johansson, because sneak peeks are always welcome. You can also check out the cover of this weeks EW featuring Iron-clad Robert Downey Jr. and a perpetually greasy looking Micky Rourke as Russian villain Whiplash right here.

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