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netflixIt’s been awhile since I’ve revealed the scantily clad shame of of my Netflix queue and opened my top ten to ridicule, mockery and overall lambasting. Right now I have “The Reader” sitting at home on Blu-ray, Kate Winslet’s netherregions beckoning for watching in HD. When I’m done with that, here’s what is forthcoming from my pals at Netflix. Click on the link to watch the trailer for the movie and let me know what you think. Good? Suck? And while we’re at it, what’s in your Netflix queue? Don’t be scared. Share.

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  • That’s a pretty decent line-up, Mister.

  • New In Town
    Music From Another Room
    Someone Like You
    Billy Elliot
    Murder on the Orient Express
    Jane Eyre
    The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton
    Wife Verses Secretary
    No Man of Her Own

  • Ah, “New in Town” with Queenie Von Scrunchy Fartface! No thanks!

    And Sandy, I must say, that is quite the eclectic mix. You are the Yao to my Ming. I like everything current and pop-culturey, and you like the classics.

  • Rachel Getting Married is reTARDed. Don’t ask.

  • If you folks are interested, please take a look at FeedFlix.com – you can share an always updated page of your Netflix Queue (plus figure out if you’re getting your bang for the buck out of Netflix)

  • Keep in mind the Queue is a result of my wife and I

    1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    2. A Very Long Engagement (A Very Long Engagement indeed)
    3. No Reservations
    4. Saving Private Ryan
    5. Band of Brothers 1
    6. Band of Brothers 2
    7. Band of Brothers 3
    8. Band of Brothers 4
    9. Band of Brothers 5
    10. Office Space

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