What’s in your Netflix Queue?

netflixI have recently – as in four months ago – discovered the joy of Netflix. It’s nice to make a big list of movies (I have 137 in my queue as of right now) and re-prioritize whenever the mood strikes. Since Tuesdays generally are DVD release days, I figure every Monday I’ll share the top ten movies in my queue. Feel free to mock, comment and share your Netflix queues.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t see every movie possible each week. I missed out on Oscar nominees “Doubt,” “Rachel Getting Married” and “Vickey Christina Barcelona.” As for the rest, well, I’ve never seen “Donnie Darko,” I want to know if “The Spirit” really is that bad, “Donkey Punch” is the coolest title for a movie, I have a massive crush on Paramore’s Hayley Williams, “Splinter” seems like a low-budget, indedpendent-spirit horror movie and that could spell good things, and “Darby O’ Gill and The Little People” is Sean Connery’s best movie (that and “The Rock”), so I’m renting it to see if (a) my kids will like it and (b) if it holds up. Smart money is to bet no on both of those.

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  • Seriously, 137 movies in your Queue? I think I have 4 or 5. I do watch all the time over my xbox and sometimes the quality of the movie isn’t half bad, sometimes it is pretty grainy, but I have had more good viewing then not. Even on my new fabulous 37 inch LCD.

  • I think I’m getting memory loss in my advanced age, because if I don’t have a list, I forget stuff. So anytime I think of a movie I want to see, I plop it in the ol’ Netflix queue.

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