Where the Awesome Things Are

Over at this one blog, I gushed profusely about the trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. It went a little something like this <cut/paste>:

I know I’ve already pontificated once today, but I couldn’t NOT post this.

If you read Where The Wild Things Are as a kid, you’ll understand why I say it’s a childhood touchstone – the kind that morphs into a generational pass-along. Whether it was the dark and charming Caldecott winning illustrations, the realization of childhood imagination, the ability to dominate fear and subsequently wield its power, or living an adventure knowing there was always a warm meal at home, Where The Wild Things Are has stuck around.

I wrote the preceding paragraph for CHUD.com as part of a news blurb on the Where The Wild Things Are movie back in ’07. Viewing the just-released trailer now– two years later– I couldn’t be more enchanted with the potential result. The film feels as if it’s wrapped up all the emotions I felt as a kid upon reading this book: adventure, fun, fear and wonder. From what I’ve heard, WTWA is also injecting (as seen around the :47 mark) some poignant stuff. Those bittersweet glimpses where, as a child, we began to understand there was an adult world out there… and weren’t quite sure where we fit in.

Maybe it’s because I’m now a Papa and viewing the world through 3-year-old lenses again or maybe this trailer whispered a sad reminder that magic and sweet childhood innocence is easily lost to growing up, but those few seconds at the :47 mark instantly unearthed a nostalgia that warranted posting this trailer as quickly as possible.

Or maybe I’m just a big, fat, sensitive sissy. Either way, enjoy.

All the gushing is probably premature (i.e: LAME), but I’ll make no apologies. I’m totally captivated by the idea of it all, thanks almost entirely to being crafted by Spike Jonez (director of Being John Malkovich and one of the Three Kings) — as opposed to, say, Rob Cohen.

All those words to get to this: Where the Wild Things Are has a new poster. Needless to say, I love it.

Not to be pushy, but you should too.


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