Whip It Poster Asks You A Question

whip_itThis one-sheet for the Drew Barrymore directed roller derby-dream fulfillment comedrama Whip It answers a simple question: Is Ellen Page the cutest l’il actress working in Hollywood today?

Yes. Yes she is.

Of course, I’m sure that if she were standing here right now reading this over my shoulder, she’d be none-too-pleased with my paternal coddling. She’s a serious, emotion-filled actress, dammit!– not some cuddly member of the Innocent’s glass menagerie.

Still, SO cute. (Click to embiggen the darlingness).

2 comments On Whip It Poster Asks You A Question

  • I feel like a dirty old man for the lust I have toward her. She’s a cutie and this movie looks funny. I’m glad she’s being careful with her career choices after Juno.

  • Don’t feel dirty. She’s, like, 48.

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