With District 9 A Certified Success, Blomkamp Talks Sequel

district9It’s no secret that we here at AATM are a fans of the little indie movie that could: District 9. Box office would say we’re not the only ones, but by crap, we’ll claim it because we were there in Blomkamp’s corner from day one.

While nothing’s greenlit or solidified, it’s no surprise that with an assured world-wide take of over $100 million, there’s talk of a sequel. Whether that comes about or not is Cloverfield’s guess, but Blomkamp’s been making the rounds in interviews and has been doing some outward brainstorming about the possibilities:

From sci-fimoviepage.com (***big fat spoiler below***):

“Even though he wrote District 9 with no sequel in mind, Blomkamp admits that he has “an inclination of an idea” for one and would definitely be interested in directing the sequel…

…which would again be set in South Africa and star Sharlto Copley as Wikus van der Merwe again. “Does Wikus become human again?” is one of the plot issues which Blomkamp feels can be explored in a possible sequel.”

And from the trust-inspiringly named movie-moron.com (***minor spoilers***):

Blomkamp was asked whether Christopher would do as he promised and return to Earth in three years to help Wikus. “I do have ideas rattling around in my head, and weirdly enough they’re not to do with what you just said,” Blomkamp said. “They’re different. But, who knows?”

Intersting. But while Blomkamp’s also entertained the idea of a prequel involving the unlikely hero Wikus van der Merwe, let’s be honest. This is all geek talk and idle chatter until something’s inked. When it is, we’ll let you know.

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  • I have to admit i gave you guys some shit about this one, from the early trailers i thought it looked like it was shot for teh sci-fi channel but i was wrong.

    This film and its producer/director kick much ass, a sequal would only make sense and the expected raise in budget will only cement a worthy 2nd..hopefully.

    I just hope we wont see Christopher dolls at Toys R Us when we do see a District 10..or whatever its name will be.

    • I liked District 9, but a sequel to this would be stupid. This is just the studio and everyone involved chomping at the buzz bit. I hope and pray they leave this alone and let it suffice at one film.

  • I dunno Andy..

    I mean..im with ya on hollywood cashing in on new and fresh content but this has so many possibilities and the fact that Christopher needs or should comeback and help the retard, should make a solid sequal and a no brainer.

    The ending was sort of a cliffhanger and could use closure.

    The kind of budget that Jackson and whatshisbucket will demand for a District 10 would assure number 2 kicking major summer box office ass.

    The fact that these two obviously arent morons and(i believe they both are avid gamers)have a deep love for fantasy/sci-fi will make anything they come up with non-retarded and fun, or even deep.

    I would love to see more of this story and find out where it goes.

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