Yeah, I’ll Defend of New Moon. Kind of.

new-moon-photosNew Moon is currently basking in a pile of critical distaste. It’s currently a sad and deflated 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and has 70% of listed critics giving it stink eye. Not that critical ire matters in terms of films like these. New Moon will make its money and add further fuel to the “critics are out of touch” fire– just like Twilight’s spiritual cinematic brothers G.I. Joe and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did this summer. Critical loathing won’t make a bit of difference.

And really, critical loathing is fine– it’s a collective strength of disparate film criticism. But I’m beginning to wonder if the critical hate for New Moon is legitimately aimed at the film or, as stated in my review, if it’s based on fighting to maintain disgruntled predisposition, groupthink “street cred” and the abhorrence of associating with an estrogen-fueled pop phenomenon. A dissenting review is legitimate, but the smarmy strain at repugnance I’m seeing in so many New Moon reviews seems at least partially inspired by a personal beef with the phenomenon more than the film itself.

When legitimate and thoughtful critics like “Mr. Beaks” from AICN concoct racism and fault “queasily chaste narrative”, I wonder where they’re coming from. It’s one thing to dislike the movie for its technical merits, thin narrative or theme– it’s another to inject criticism for lack of sexuality and racism when it’s all based on concoction. Amorous tension has never been the exclusive domain of gettin’ it on. Twilight doesn’t need a horny infusion of crotch rubbing sexuality punctuated by violent necro-sex and bloodgasm. It’s not that kind of story. If that’s your bag, your fix is waiting on HBO’s True Blood.

And the accusations of racism? Really?

The accusation feels more like projection (or conjuring). Why go there? Why insist Jacob is the “exploited Indian” who’s “the cure for the white girl blues” instead of a dude who simply knows how to repair motorcycles and is called upon by a friend? And maybe the “black vampire” becomes Alpo not because he’s “black and might harm the white girl”, but because he’s a villain. Why inject invented racial stereotypes by insisting they’re present?

Because it’s nitpicking to further justify a predispositional stance, and it’s dumb and dishonest. The amount of Twilight loathing that’s critically peaked over the last 24 hours shows a ridiculous converse that rivals the similarly ridiculous blind love shown by the most rabid Twihards.

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  • While I found the books to be harmless brain candy, a little wordy, etc, I do feel the attack from Steven King to be a bit much, did you ever read The Langoliers? If that wasn’t total crap, I don’t know what is.

    At least Ms. Meyer lived the dream and found a way to become a successful writer with a huge fan base. And though I’d prefer my romance novels to have a bit more action in them than cuddling with an ice cube, I do appreciate the fact that she was trying to stay kind of true to the BYU honor code. (Except boys would never sleep in the same room as a girl, or pass the iron curtain line in a dorm! GASP!!)

  • But past the iron curtain was where the party was.

  • Wait..the author is LDS?

    So the reason the books suck so much arse was cause she was trying to stay true to the BYU code?

    This series simply becomes more hilarious to me the more educated i become about its origins.

    /ducks from the multitude of incoming flames =)

  • It’s just like the Harry Potter series, Danny, in the sense that some groups think it’s the best thing for kids to read and then the hardcore Christians think Harry Potter has Satan jammed up his butt. There’s a group of Mormons that think Meyer’s novels are WAY too sexual for the audience. Like Bella and Edward laying together in bed or in the forest or whatever is just to edgy. She can’t please everyone, but considering her audience, I think she hit the mark pretty good. I’d like to know where Jenny came up with the honor code comment. Never heard that before and kind of doubt it.

  • I just made it up. Just trying to be funny.

  • It was funny, and I believed you until I convinced myself otherwise.

  • thanks for the great reviews dan. i love to get on the blog and get a sneak peak of the upcoming releases. but question…. why is this “andy at the movies”? you are doing just as many reviews as the andy and i really enjoy your take on things. my take on this is “dan & andy at the movies”. was watching “hooked on utah” tonight on channel 5. there was a couple of dudes from i’m guessing utah doing their movie review thing which they called “at the movies”. you should really look into maybe making an appearence on there or filling in or something along these lines. you’re destined for great things.

  • Dan does write good reviews and his insight and sense of humor are second-to-none. I’m glad to have him on here with me and contributing to the site.

  • Thanks for the compliments, Salty. Very much appreciated! The site’s called “andy at the movies” because andy started it as an outlet for his HJ reviews. I jumped in after the site was up and going. Don’t cry for me, Argentina! Andy’s gracious, conscious and collaborative like nobody’s business- and he doesn’t even have to be.

    Ok, enough brown nosing.

    I like Cookies and Edward Cullen’s a sissy!

  • nice to know! great work boys! tv next?

  • TV couldn’t handle our good looks and sparkling personality. There’d be too many jobs lost.

  • Oh, it will happen. It. Will. Happen.

  • Wait..the author is LDS?

    So the reason the books suck so much arse was cause she was trying to stay true to the BYU code?

    This series simply becomes more hilarious to me the more educated i become about its origins.

    /ducks from the multitude of incoming flames =)

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