You Like Paranormal Activity… But Will You Like Area 51?

area-51Quickly dipping back to the same “found footage” well that spawned your shopping trip for new underwear after watching Paranormal Activity, camcorder-wielding director Oren Peli is running with his next concept: Area 51. The premise? Three teens and their new digital video recording device find scary/alarming/crazy alien unmentionables going on around the famed Air Force base. It’s some crazy s***!

From an early, leaked synopsis (Latino Review— you scoundrels!), folks are already titling this one Paranormal Activity II: Area 51. I’m not sure if that’s a Paranormal Activity backlash that’s brewing (which will inevitably come– it’s the way of popularity) but honestly– I have no problem with a revisit to Peli’s bank-swamping narrative framework. Sure, the whole found/real footage genre is in danger of burning itself out very quickly, but AATM’s motto just happens to be “strike while the iron’s hot” and if Area 51 delivers the goods in a story well told, all shaky-cam will be forgiven.

But will memory of The Fourth Kind be so generous? We shall see– if rumor has it right– sometime next year.

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  • Paranormal Activity was like watching one of those things your friends send you on the internet … you know…. you watch and
    quickly some ugly witch or monster screams at you full face ….
    Did you know that the UFO Hunters are saying Dugway ( Utah) is
    really the new area 51?
    alas…. ’tis true.

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