75 Movies Every Man Should See

fathers-day-beer-lgEsquire has a great feature up entitled “75 Movies Every Man Should See,” complete with a clickable Netflix link if you haven’t seen it. I took the quiz and out of 75 I have seen 25. Some of these films, like “Stalag 17” and “Down by Law,” I had never heard of, but I was happy to see “Jaws,” “Alien” and “12 Angry Men” on the list.

Click the this link to visit Esquire.com and take the quiz, then report back and let us know how many movies you’ve seen. I’m pretty sure 25 puts me square in the realm of metrosexual, but then what the crap does Esquire know anyway, right? Jeesh. I mean, they picked a streched face alien as one of their “women we love.” Blechy.

3 comments On 75 Movies Every Man Should See

  • Hey, Andy. I’ve seen 66 of those 75.

    If you divided 66 by two.

  • I’ve seen an embarrassing 23 or those. Guess I need to ramp up my watching of older movies. There’s a lot in there that I’ve been telling myself I need to watch for a long time.

  • Yeah……
    I have seen 32 on 75.
    “12 Angry Men” is great to watch to me.

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