Adrien Brody Joining Predators is a Good Thing

AdrienBrodyWaaaaay back in April, Dan posted a story about Robert Rodriguez (Shorts) rebooting the beloved 80s action flick Predator, and since then we’ve come to find out the movie will be titled Predators, with Rodriguez producing the and Nimród Antal (Vacancy) taking the director’s wheel. We’ve also come to learn that Adrien Brody (King Kong) has signed on in the lead role as “heroic mercenary” (isn’t that like saying “awesome douchebag?”), joining the already-signed cast of Alice Braga (I Am Legend), Walton Goggins (The Miracle at St. Anna), Oleg Taktarov (Righteous Kill), Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Rodriguez regular, Danny Trejo (Planet Terror). I would just like to point out that Mahershalalhashbaz (“destruction is imminent”) might be the coolest name on the planet.

Regarding the casting of Adrien Brody, some of the comments I’ve read on various movie websites are pretty negative about his addition to Predators. Seems there is a crowd of Rodriguez fans that were hoping for some WWE roidhound to hoist an M60 and blow clam-cave-mouthed aliens to smithereens. I can’t disagree more with their whining about the casting of Brody and think he is a stellar choice. He showed me he can do action in 2005 with Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and watching The Brothers Bloom earlier this week reminded me he is a stellar thespian, as well.

Predators hits theaters on July 9, 2010 and I have added it to my must-see list for next year.

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4 comments On Adrien Brody Joining Predators is a Good Thing

  • I dunno. I like Brody. The dude’s got acting chops for sure, but “action chops”? Brody is kind of a frail artiste. In King Kong he was 92.6% sissy.

    I’ve got nothing against him. I guess you can credit Rodriguez for casting against type and I’m sure Brody will work well in the finished film, he’s just so… DJ Qualls. Like tripping on a branch would kill him or send him into a coma.

    It’s still a must-see just because it’s Predator, but it’s still a Rodriguez vehicle and as mean and yucky as the Predators have become in subsequent films since the first (morphing from a militaristic combat equal to a Jason Voorhees sci-fi slasher), I’m still reticent.

  • If you mean “action chops” as in having hulking biceps, i.e. Stallone or Arnie, then yeah, Brody is a little wussy. I suppose what I meant was Brody was believeable to me in an action movie and I liked the everyday Joe Schmoe feel he brought to the Jack Driscol character. He was on the cover of Men’s Health all ripped and crap a few years back, so I think he’ll pull it off. In fact, I’d prefer a better actor to some brainless, glorified stuntman.

    DJ Qualls. For shame sir. For shame.

  • No, I mean “action chops” by he’s not really been an “action hero” in any of his films. He’s seen action, but he’s running and squealing. Drischol was a shmoe (and intentionally so) from A-Z.

    As for the hulking biceps, there’s plenty of action guys who aren’t “huge”, that’s not may argument. Nicholas Cage has turned action guy and he’s just as lurpy. But dude– Brody is ripped because he’s skinny. It’s default rippage. If he’s supposed to be this bad-ass mercenary, I’m not sure I buy it. Jack Skelington types have the air of stage actors, writers, school teachers and heroin addicts.

    But maybe that’s just me being contrarian.

  • Im in full agreement with Danno here.
    Brody is a killer actor and im sure he will nail it..but the dude is creepy skinny, reminds me of a good bud of mine who’s built just like him and he can put it away as well as i can and not gain a pound, i have nothing but hatred and contempt for these people. ;)

    ..But as old friends do we’ve also grab assed around and ive picked him up, slammed him and could pretty much do as i please with him
    and im an outa shape fat dude whos eatin one too many ho ho’s

    Thats not to say Brody couldnt kill a man if the need arised but its awfully hard going from Arnie to Brody and not have fond memories of a John McTiernan guided bad ass facing down a 7ft alien.

    Speaking of McTiernan, why not let the godfather do the remake? Hell it sounds like Ridley Scott’s doin the the new Alien prequel.

    McTiernan was hampered by a small budget and studio bickering and look what he produced, with the money their gonna throw at this McTiernan’s Predator would be epic.

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