Bruce Willis + Hair = Pure Crap

I don’t give a rat’s patootie if “Surrogates” is based on a graphic novel (all the rage nowadays), because any movie that has Bruce Willis with “hair” should be flushed down the marketing toilet pronto. This movie is and will be pure crap. Mark my words. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get over that cringe-inducing hairpiece on John McClaine. And who thought golden blonde would be a great choice? Man oh man oh man. Terrible.

2 comments On Bruce Willis + Hair = Pure Crap

  • Holy shit its Terminator 5 Rise of the Mannequins!


  • I met Bruce once while setting up for one of his fireworks shows in Hailey, Idaho. He seriously looked “white trash” in real life, and he totally looks “white trash” here… keep the man shaved.

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