CARS 3 Teaser Trailer Teases Terrible Track Tragedy

Radiator Springs Racers might be one of the highlights of Disney’s California Adventure, but that doesn’t mean I have to like CARS. Lightning McQueen’s saga ended for me in 2006. I never saw CARS 2, and if seeing CARS 3 means I have to see CARS 2, then I just might pass.

Nevertheless, this is a teaser trailer in the truest fashion, and somewhat of a departure – maybe – for Pixar, as this 49 seconds seems to show Lightning McQueen involved in a terrible racetrack crash. The teaser proclaims “From this moment…everything will change.” Who knows what that means, but I doubt it means Lightning McQueen kicks the bucket. My guess is this trailer is a gimmicky set-up for something a little more lighthearted in a subsequent full-length trailer.

CARS 3 hits theaters in the summer of 2017.

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