Kane & Lynch Looks to Be Another Video Game Movie that Sucks

I love video games and would love to see a popular title make it to the big screen and receive rave reviews. Someday the translation from XBOX, PS3, Wii or PC to the silver screen will be good enough to cause Roger Ebert to recant his statement that “video games can never be art.” But I promise you right now this will not happen with the Kane & Lynch movie hitting theaters sometime in 2011. Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx have signed on to play Kane and Lynch respectively, a nefarious duo  – one a mercenary, the other a schizophrenic – out for revenge and looking to get their dirty mitts on a stolen fortune. Considering the movie is coming from the never-been-heard of screenwriter of 3 Rounds (a movie I’ve never heard of either) and a stunt coordinator turned director, I’d say this has box office crapout written all over it.

What are your thoughts? Have you played the game? I considered putting it in my Gamefly queue, but it looks like one of those games that would force me to take a shower after.

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  • Forgive me for stating the obvious here but wtf did they cast a black man(Jamie Foxx needs to just go away..)for the role of Lynch?

    Lynch is caucasian..

    Is it cause Hollywood are too afraid of having two white dudes on the silver screen at the same time in our politically correct society or was Foxx just a cheap shoe in?

    This film now has 0 relevance to the video game now.

  • What does the dude’s color have to do with anything if he’s the same character? Or was this sarcasm?

  • Well..they changed the character to fit some hollywood actor who’s face im tired of seeing on screen, please go back to singing you’re stupid pop tunes Jamie Foxx and stop invading my video game movies with your FACE!

    I guess im just a racist douche cause replacing Lynch with Jamie “fricken” Foxx just pisses me off!

  • Oh, you’re not a douche. I understand if you’re tired of Foxx. You can always blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, baby.

  • I was surprisingly sober at the time but, i’ll be sure to cure that tonight.

  • Btw not only do you both fail at posting dead links and podcasts that are weeks old but, you both EPIC FAIL for buying Avatar! ;)

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