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adventurelandI didn’t get a chance to screen “Adventureland” before its release today, but I traveled to the thriving metropolis of Ogden, Utah, even to the late Larry H. Miller’s newish Junction Megaplex, to catch a late show with my sisters. Based on the redband trailer and the helmsmanship of director Greg Mottola, I was expecting crass and crude, something like “Superbad.” But that’s not what was served. What I saw was a charming, smart, heartwarming (and yes, sometimes crass) comedy about growing up and the pains we all face when trying to come to terms with who we are and what we want from this big mess called life.

I appreciated the writing and camerawork in “Adventureland,” and the obligatory use of 80’s music wasn’t over the top or annoying. In fact, I felt like I was watching something by John Hughes in the 1980s (i.e. “Sixteen Candles” or “The Breakfast Club”). Ironically, before the movie began, a preview ran for “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” which is Hughes’ latest film. Think of Mottola as John Hughes, just with more f-words and way more marijuana. 

At any rate, I would give “Adventureland” three out of four stars and would definitely recommend it, even for a date movie. I’m a bit of a softy and I was touched by the vulnerability and honesty of the characters and story. It’s a great mix of truth, love, silliness and sophisticated literary cinema.

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  • I also went to Ogden and saw “Adventureland.” While it was good, I have to say I preferred the comedy in “I Love You Man.”

    I got a few chuckles out of “Adventureland,” but I was bent over laughing on “I Love You Man.”

    Mostly, I enjoyed going down to the Junction to see a movie. Reserved seats? OH YEAH BABY! The Junction makes the Westates Theaters up here in Logan look like a chain of homeless shelters.

  • All I remember about that place is the seats are terribly uncomfortable. The extra 30 minute drive to SLC is well worth it.

  • I liked “I Love You, Man” better too. I do not like Kristen Stewart. She kind of stuck out like a sore thumb in the movie.

    And yes, Tyler, the Westates could learn some lessons from the Megaplex folks. But it’s okay, if you email them and tell them their theaters suck, they’ll say, “Well, we’re affordable.” And to that I call BS. $7.50 for a ticket in Logan and $8 in Ogden and SLC. Whoowee. Thanks for the savings.

  • Westates are a blight on both Cache Valley, the general movie-going public and cinema itself.

  • If you ever have or get the “chance” to work at an amusement park– you would cry through this whole movie because it is so true

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