Tron Legacy Has Aims to Make Sweet Love with Your Eyeballs

Remember Tron? With its unique story and its visually stunning representations of computer programs duking it out in a video game, Geeks and 80’s nostalgiacs remember it fondly, despite the grownup Disney movie arriving shortly after–and being drowned by– E.T. and Firefox.

Recently, I watched it again… and it still holds up as an interesting and visually impressive (it’s got 80’s light up legwarmers!) film. Disney agrees, as last year they debuted test footage for a sequel which was such a surprise that no one knew it was coming. In the months since, Disney has been tight with the footage, which was not released in a viewable format… until Friday. Tron Legacy (previously named TR2N) returns the original Jeff “I am and always will be awesome” Bridges character to the computer world where programmers are represented by avatars that stalk, compete and kill one another.  The footage below looks incredible.

Watch it, marvel, get excited, go to AICN to see more concept art and then be sad that it’s not debuting until 2011.

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  • Seeing this Tron coverage and seeing the lines at Comic-Con is while you’ll be going without me next year. And I really think you should have posted that smuggling plums picture of the dude in the Tron suit along with this post.

  • I pretty much saw this same trailer a year ago, looks good but lets get on with it..

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